While Working with
Taproot Foundation


#ZeroHungerFast Campaign, UNICEF USA Next Gen 


  • Graphic Design

  • Digital Experience

Location & Year

New York, 2017


#ZeroHungerFast Campaign is a fundraising platform to support UNICEF’s life-saving assistance to children in impoverished countries around the world. Initiated by Emily Seen, on behalf of UNICEF USA’s Next Generation, this website was launched in December 2017.


UNICEF Next Generation is a group of young leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators in their 20s and 30s who commit their resources, resolve and enthusiasm toward supporting UNICEF’s lifesaving work. 


Members study issues that affect children around the world and choose UNICEF projects to support through education, advocacy, skill sharing/remote volunteering and fundraising. 

In 2017, the world has seen extraordinary levels of hunger and food insecurity, with an estimated 7.5 million children facing severe acute malnutrition (SAM) and millions more without enough to eat. This project is an appeal to fast, donate and urges viewers to spread awareness through social media.


The user flow of the website allows the viewer to easily learn more about the child hunger crisis around the world. Several stories of these children have been added to shed light on how crucial it is for people to come together and help them.


Visit www.zerohungerfast.org to donate, share and learn more about the fundraising campaign!