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TravelFolk is a young startup that offers a personalized service that curates sustainable tourism in India. The people who use this platform are seeking to get away from an urban environment and yearn for a breath of fresh air.


Through their online platform, TravelFolk connects customers to access information on small, boutique hotels that are surrounded by nature. These hotel owners are inspired by and proud of the location of these properties. 


Independently consulted with TravelFolk on this project in New Delhi, India.


Branding & Communication Design








The goal was to craft a brand identity for this young startup. TravelFolk promotes online growth for small hotel owners.


The brand achieves this through its first hand experience in promoting boutique properties and their ability to personalize lead management via Holiday Managers.



The visual identity is an abstract representation of the growth in sustainable tourism in India.


The primary objective of TravelFolk is to promote online growth for small hotel owners. However, the platform also supports these unique properties, hidden in different corners of India, to highlight their essence of being hyperlocal and eco-conscious.


The Brand Mark

TravelFolk’s visual identity has been playfully crafted to reflect an abstract graph of growth in sustainable tourism in India through the online analytics the brand offers. The colour palette evokes the sense of calmness and peace in nature.



The usage of the brand on stationary - corporate business cards, letterheads and envelopes - is clean and simple. The round stickers can be used to seal the envelopes. A set of icons have been created as visual assets for the brand to be used on digital and print media.



Merchandise for TravelFolk’s employees and customers have been visualized keeping the essence of the brand in mind. The recycled brown craft paper brings in an element of nature that core to the brand. The repeat pattern of the brand mark can be used as a playful extension on fabric and other corporate gifts.

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