While Studying At
LASALLE College of the Arts


Children's Book Illustration

Team Credit

Akanksha Sureka and Elaine Chan


  • Illustration

  • Print Design

  • Graphic Design 

Location & Year

Singapore, 2012


‘The Paper Aeroplane’ is about a young boy who with the help of a paper plane, realizes that nobody in this world is perfect and that everyone has flaws. He meets a lot of different characters along his journey that help him understand the importance of team effort and self-confidence.

This was an illustration project for a children’s book called “The Paper Aeroplane” by Yenn Ang.


It was in collaboration with students from the Design Communication Department and the Art Therapy Department of LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore. 


While ideating on how we wanted to illustrate the book, the one thing all of us agreed on was that the characters would look even better if they had bright colours and texture. We took inspiration from the work of Eric Carle, and tried to bring this book to life using a similar style to his distinctive collage illustrations. 


We created textures manually using crayons and then scanned them to use as textures for our digital illustrations. Each character had various layers of textures to create different parts of their bodies. This really made the story come to life and resulted in being an enjoyable read for young children.