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Mumbai, 2015


Spice Monger is a brand that was started by a New York resident of Indian origin, who wanted to share his love of organic spices with the world. The goal of the identity was to tell a story and create a brand routed in history.

The brand identity has been inspired by the action of trade and of the story of the monger - he wants to share the brand with his consumers and also give something back to the farmers and to the community. The use of an optical illusion brings forth this idea of revolution, the earth, and how people stay connected, as part of a bigger spectrum.


The visual identity is an ambigram of a Spice Monger. One face on the packaging pays homage to the old spice route. The other face comes to life beautifully, as the ambigram gets inverted every time the product is tipped.


To catch the eye of the consumer, we added a fun health benefit of the spice as an element of the packaging. After extensive research on the spices we came up with short fun facts that brought attention to the nutritional value of the spice.


We created a digital property called ‘Suitcase Of Spice’ and through geo-tagging, we allowed consumers to document their own stories and history with the spices. The e-commerce website brings the geo-tagging aspect of the packaging to life.


The customers can pin their location on the map, tag the spice they used and what recipe they made. This will help define the spice route that has found it's way from the roots of South India to the United States of America.