While Studying At
LASALLE College of the Arts


SOUL - Save Our Underwater Life


  • Art Direction

  • Illustration

  • Graphic Design

  • Advertising

  • Print Design

Location & Year

Singapore, 2013


Shallow water animals that breathe air, like turtles, manatees, dugongs, and whales are often hit by boats and caught in fishing gear. Species such as turtles that lay their eggs on land often lose their nurseries due to coastal development. The dying coral reefs all over the world produce a large amount of oxygen that benefits humans. Just as the Amazon has been named the ‘lungs of the world’, coral reefs are known as the ‘rainforests of the sea’.


Having stated this, a lot of corrective measures have been implemented in various coastal regions of the world. Marine conservation organizations and reserves are not given the amount of credit they should be. SOUL aims at creating awareness through education and spreading word about what these organizations have been working towards. My hope is that if people are more aware of the possibility of making a change, they will extend their support and help preserve the marine ecosystem for their future generations.


These deliverables were for my degree project for when I received my Bachelors in Design Communication from Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore. The postcards aims to create awareness about endangered marine animals by educating the target audience in a playful yet powerful manner. The interactive website aims to promote awareness of the work that several organizations do with the underlying importance of conserving the marine ecosystem.


While ideating I realised that the youth are the ones who are my main target audience since they are the one’s who need to be aware of the extinction crisis. So, all the deliverables created for this were project were aimed at a younger age group (8-15 years).


My first concept for a prototype was to experiment with handwritten typography. The idea was to create a typeface using calligrams that consist of facts and illustrations of endangered underwater animals that are being abused by human negligence. The aim was to use the typeface as an image or tool of expressing the need of spreading awareness. This was done by implementing them in an educational catalogue and as collectable postcards.

After conducting user testing on a younger target audience I learnt that they liked the vibrant colours of the typeface and told me that they picked up the postcards according to what their names started with or to give them away to friends/family as presents.


The illustration for this series of advertisements are inspired by the fact that all life within the ocean is inter-connected. Each organism depends on the other for survival so by threatening a certain animal, the entire ecosystem is at stake. The art direction style for this project is primarily hand drawn illustrations and texture with water colour, that was combined digitally.


As my final outcome, I generated an interactive website promoting the work of existing organizations around the world. Keeping the art direction similar to the previous two deliverables, the idea for the website was to make a world map highlighting the oceans as main focus instead of the landmasses.


The oceans were created with detailed hand drawn illustrations of marine animals and the task for the user was to find the 8 endangered animals hidden amongst them. When the user hovers their mouse over the animal that is endangered, it turns blue. Each of those endangered animals are linked to conservation centers that focus on their species so that the user can read into how they can contribute to the cause.


The map was also used as a poster in an eight-fold publication which talks about endangered underwater animals. This publication can be implemented as an add-on for wildlife conservation magazines to promote concerned readers to understand more about marine life. A booklet was also created to explain the entire brainstorming and illustration process for this project.

SOUL was featured on The 4 Moose blog and on Behance: Graphic Design Gallery in 2013.