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Sarvam Shakti

Sarvam Foundation is an cultural arts organization started by Nehha Bhatnagar create a new dialogue in the performing arts sphere where the arts are showcased to thousands of audiences where new and upcoming talent get space to showcase their creativity.


Sarvam Shakti is a unique grassroots project in India started by Sarvam Foundation. The project makes underprivileged girls develop life skills through ancient performing arts. Each girl learns one form of classical dance or music professionally as well as yoga asanas, Sanskrit shlokas, martial dance forms and various folk dances from around the world. They are changing the dialogue of what it means to be marginalized and a girl child.


Independently consulted on this project with Sarvam Foundation in New Delhi, India.


Branding & Experience Design


Sarvam Foundation






I had designed the branding for Sarvam Foundation back when it was founded in 2012. I was approached by the foundation to create a strong digital presence for Sarvam Shakti and to develop a clear fundraising strategy to reach out to potential partners.


The challenge at hand was that the scale of the project rapidly grew, which increased the need for additional funding and for long term partners. Having a strong digital presence will enable the foundation to draw attention to the work they do, both nationally and internationally.



By ecosystem mapping and identifying potential key partners, we were able to envision a clear growth strategy for the Sarvam Shakti project. While designing proposals for funders, powerful photography and infographics were used to convey the story of the girls.


The intent of building a website was to make the Sarvam Shakti look more professional to donors and partners and it gives them a useful communication channel. The platform is regularly updated with new media mentions and performances.

The Story of Shakti

Underprivileged girls in India suffer from a host of issues from hygiene to health and lack of opportunities. What makes Sarvam Shakti special is the unique life that the girls experience. These talented girls are empowered by diverse exposure to the arts. The video featured above was produced by GSG Films to create awareness on the impact and reach of this project.


The Brand Mark

The brand identity for Sarvam Foundation was crafted to depict the confluence of cultures through performing arts. The typography is a mix of English and Sanskrit, with the ‘A’ as a dancing figure in turmeric and vermillion representing elegance and grace. The Sarvam Shakti logo is as an extension of this thought. 


Digital Experience

Sarvam Shakti’s website was crafted to be informative, responsive and user friendly. It allows the user to get a comprehensive overview of the structure of this program and the impact it has. This platform is a space for the foundation to share regular updates on the girls’ performances and serve as a channel through which supporters can fund this project.


Fundraising Strategy

A printed catalogue of the different verticals Sarvam Shakti offers for the girls - performing arts, academic education and nutrition - was created to showcase how one can be a part of the initiative by donating or volunteering. These were given out to potential funders and partners. A similar document with confidential details on allocation of funding was put together for proposals. 


Social & Cultural Impact

Shakti girls are breaking the societal barriers especially in migrant labour communities from where they hail. Fathers, who are traditionally more reclusive when it comes to educating their daughters, are now a huge support system for this program. These girls have shaped into confident, intelligent and well-rounded individuals, truly making them India’s young ambassadors of culture. 

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