While Working with
Taproot Foundation


HVK Children's Foundation


  • Branding

  • Illustration

  • Graphic Design

  • Infographic

Location & Year

New York, 2017


Based in Liberia, HVK Children's foundation’s mission is to address public health and education determinants through a lens of social justice, equity, and evidence-based research, and to empower women, children and young Liberians into a future of sustainable human and economic development.

This was a branding project for which I crafted the visual identity design to represent the mission and vision of HVK Children’s Foundation. 


When a child picks up a pencil for the first time, they are given a special power. A power to write, to draw, to learn and most importantly, to create. In addition, these educated children are more aware of proper sanitation methods, health and wellbeing. A community that takes pride in providing their children with good education and health facilities creates a safe place for their youth. Working hand in hand, the community empowers their children to strive towards success. 

The logo highlights the importance of education for Liberian children and creating new opportunities for them in their future. The negative space in the logo carves out “HVK” and the geometric shapes with vibrant colours have been inspired from traditional Liberian patterns