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Clean Mobility Shift

Transitioning to electric vehicles presents the opportunity to tackle multiple issues including, air pollution, energy security and carbon emissions. The shift will also help India generate employment, develop new technology and become a global leader in the clean mobility market. 


Purpose was approached by the Electric Mobility Initiative, a multi-funder effort to accelerate the adoption of electric mobility in India, to create an online platform with a unique brand identity that serves as knowledge hub on clean mobility. This project is an effort to improve knowledge practices, awareness and build a community for advocates of electric mobility in India.


Created while working as a Senior Visual Designer & Design Researcher at Purpose in New Delhi, India.


Branding & Experience Design


Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation






By creating engaging and credible content on electric mobility, this platform is conceptualized to enable operational executives to make smarter decisions in their work to create ripple effects across sectors, which can accelerate the adoption of electric mobility in India. 


The aim of the website is to provide engaging content for readers to make decisions which can help accelerate the adoption of clean mobility in India.



Clean Mobility Shift is an independent brand entity. It is an online platform built to inform people about the ways in which India can transform into a global leader in clean mobility adoption, and deployment.


The platform serves as a knowledge hub that tracks progress and developments in the clean mobility space.

Brand Identity

Motion communicates change. The brand identity points India’s future in the direction of clean mobility. The moving logo forms a fresh and innovative mark, enabling Clean Mobility Shift to stand out from other energy initiatives in this space.


Purple is a bold choice for the brand colour, representing the platform’s passion and power. The gradient visually represents the “shift” in the mindset of consumers that this platform is generating. The website is clean and minimalistic.


Knowledge Hub

The platform covers a wide variety of topics connected to accelerating India’s production and use of cleaner modes of transport. It features articles by thought leaders who have been consistently working towards electric mobility in India. The goal was to make complex and technical information accessible and shareable. 


 Team Credit:  Rohan Gupta, Saudamini Zutshi, Marguerite Pettit, Harpreet Bagga, Megha Chadha, Nida Hasan, Khushboo Gandhi, Priya Narayan, Swati Mitchelle Dsouza, Alexander Gounder, Priya Nagvekar, Suma Balaram

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