Sarvam Foundation

YEAR: 2012

Spearheaded by Nehha Bhatnagar, Sarvam Foundation is a cultural endeavour to propagate the Indian arts in all their glory in new and unique way. It is an incubator for new ideas and helps foster new collaborations in Indian performing arts. 'Sarvam' the Sanskrit name means 'all encompassing' and is also an acronym for Saroja Vaidyanathan Arts Mission. I designed their logo to boldly represent their mission and vision.

The Story.

The logo I crafted for them tells their story by depicting the fusion between old and new culture in India. The typography used is a mix of Sanskrit and English, “Sa” written in English and “rvam” written in Sanskrit. The turmeric and vermillion colours bring out the deep-rooted heritage of the country as they depict integral parts of Indian traditions. As the foundation primarily works with youth, the depiction of the hand painted dancer that symbolises the “A” in Sarvam has a vibrant and playful feel. 

Social Impact.

Sarvam Foundation through its many collaborations and events has enabled many young artistes and technicians to expand their horizons within the arts and realize their true potential. The foundation runs a free outreach program with weekly classes in Bharatanatyam (Indian classical dance) to underprivileged girls from two of New Delhi’s poorer neighbourhoods. Usually undervalued in a strongly patriarchal society, these girls have gained the pride of their families and communities as performers of Indian traditions.