YEAR: 2016

LEAP Entrepreneurship Club at The New School is a space for students to learn. LEAP is an acronym that stands for Leading Endeavours with Action and Purpose. It emerged as a shared entrepreneurial spirit to be propositive actors for the development of student ventures for specific managerial and leadership skills.   

Our Design Process.

Our brand identity represents our thought process. We emphasise on using design thinking and strategic frameworks to develop our ideas. Taking inspiration from the Japanese art form of origami, our identity brings to life the different stages of this iterative process. Keeping in line with The New School spirit, our identity maintains the school colors - black, white and red. 

Our Team.

We are a multidisciplinary group of students from The New School who share an interest in learning more about entrepreneurship from a business, finance, sustainability and practical perspective. We meet up once a week to plan and curate events that are open to all the students at our University. Our LEAP website outlines the work we have done over this past year and how we have grown from a small group of students to a larger cohort.  

What we do.

There are three main activities we have worked on throughout the academic year. Each one of them is tailored to a specific target audience at three different scales of participation: small, medium and large. Reach out to LEAP’ (ROL) on Demand is one of our initiatives where we collaborate with external partners to help them with a specific task that they need guidance with. We hosted a Hackathon for students to build their own ideas and present them within the LEAP team to get valuable feedback that can help them further developing their ideas. Our Workshop Series helped us gain more support from students who were also interested in learning more about business and finance. 

Reach out to LEAP.

We collaborated with Sure We Can as one of these activities to work on developing their engagement strategy. The framework outlines the potential growth and impact strategy for Sure We Can to engage with their stakeholders in order to reach their goals as a leading sustainability hub in New York City. 

Workshop Series.

Inspired by reflections and feedback sessions provided by outgoing cohorts from the program we developed a LEAP’s own signature method to host a Workshop Series. We conducted a Business and Finance Series of workshops for students to develop an understanding of financial models. 

Design Intelligence Conference 2017.

Inspired LEAP conducted a workshop at the 3rd annual Design Intelligence Conference hosted by the MS SDM Program at Parsons. The theme of the conference was: Designing for Global Volatility - as designers and change agents it is up to us to look at what is design’s role in this new era of rapid changes. Our workshop - ‘Narwhal Tank’ (The New School version of Shark Tank) focused on complexity and innovation systems. During the first part of the conference we invited the audience to interact by crowdsourcing on a post-it wall: problems, trends, organizations and formal institutions that exist today in modern cities. 

Inspired This crowdsourced data was used to workshop a simple method to analyse how the parts of a system work together in terms of cause and effect. The objective was to identify opportunities on challenging current paradigms - with a purpose. By the end, the participants got to pitch the concept of their innovative proposal to a select jury, members of our own Narwhal Tank: Raz Godelnik, Adam Hayes, Mark Leal and Gabor Tancovics.

See the Sea

See the Sea

Noah 2027

Noah 2027