Noah 2027

Noah 2027

YEAR: 2016

The objective of this project was to create a scenario that paints the picture of life in 2027. It was a class assignment for one of my courses at Parsons called New Design Firms where we used foresight frameworks to create 3 hypothetical future scenarios - Preposterous, Projected, Preferred. This was done considering the political, social/cultural, technological, and environmental context of 2027. We focused on executing our preposterous scenario by animating our story.

The Story.

The brand Government centralization has disintegrated leaving individuals to pick up the pieces of innovation for the things they believed in after devastating acid rain storms. In this world, innovation is rampant but slowly sabotaging the people who have come together to build it by driving a wedge into relationships that are important to them, leaving Noah isolated.

Futuristic Details.

The brand identity We chose to be subtle about a lot of the details we included in our storyline. Due to the devastating acid rain storms, the soil is very toxic - which is why there are levitating pots that have fruits and vegetables with rich, fertile soil for them to grow away from the surface of the Earth. They are also automated to know when they need to move to a specific location - for example, when they move towards the kitchen because they know it is lunch time. The trees that are in the garden have gadgets attached to them that pump nutrients into the soil around that area so that they can grow. The whole household runs on solar power, from the kitchen interface to the 3-D printer.

Our Process.

We sketched out our illustrations and worked on putting them together frame-by-frame using Adobe Photoshop and After Effects. We created a detailed storyboard and script before compiling our narrative.

Design Research.

The focus of our research was to understand the relationship between government/individual responsibility of environmental issues and the use of technology. We chose to portray this through the eyes of a child. The vulnerability and concern that one experiences during childhood helps shape them to be who they are when they grow up.

Who is responsible?

Since adults are doing such a great job at saving the planet, a group of kids have decided to try and protect their future on their own. We have found that current trends in crowdfunding and petitions will lead to more privatisation in sectors governments used to be responsible for.

What happens when the government no longer supports something you believe in? 

Dependence on Technology.

Our research shows that current trends in technology dependence will not slow down and will change how we communicate. There has been a steady increase in artificial intelligence over the years and today, approximately 40% of human communication is through nonverbal cues. 

What happens when we only use technology to interact with each other?

Self-Openable Jacket

Self-Openable Jacket